Perhaps one of the all-round best sandbox games thus far in 2010. Getting high acclaim from almost all avenues. Come check out OXCGN's review on the game, and see what they have to say about it. It's not perfect, and the score reflects that, but it is a damn fine game nevertheless.

Some great images and vids also in the review, as well as several other articles on the game.

Red Dead Redemption is the most complete realization of the Wild West ever expressed in a video game.

The easiest way to describe Red Dead Redemption is “Grand Theft Auto” on horseback. With Rockstar behind both games, it is no surprise that the mechanics and structure of both games is similar.

In the single-player game, players navigate an expansive map that covers numerous biomes representing the American West and Mexico, from the Great Plains to rocky deserts.

This varied environment, and freedom to explore it, lends a great deal of magic to Red Dead Redemption. The scenery is breathtaking, diverse and immense. It takes 10 minutes to traverse the landscape from corner to corner on horseback.

There are a multitude of diversions between missions, from hunting treasure and buffalo to gambling, cattle driving and bronco taming. These minigames round out the cowboy experience explored in the narrative to create a playground of cowboy legends.
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