Many Nintendo IPs had their game mechanics tweaked here and there this E3. Still, Kirby's Epic Yarn underwent the largest transformation. Unfortunately to many gamers it was transformed a little too much.

The new concept, everything is made of yarn, is fun and the graphics fit in incredibly well as such. You can do cool things like pull a string that is sewn into the cloth backdrop which will fold the scenery, making a long jump short enough to cross.
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    Aussie Legend Jun 19, 10
    This makes me sad, did Nintendo not get what made Kirby games fun? Dicking around with Powers and finding your favourite combinations.
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    Kingy Jun 19, 10
    Everything is made of yarn? That sounds a little out there. But what I don't get is why they thought his powers "sucked" in the past. He may not have been the best fighter on Super Smash Brothers, but there's no denying his copying power ability wasn't fun.

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