The Larry, Moe, and Curly antics of Red vs Blue is back and set in the game engine for Halo: Reach for Bungie Day and comes with more details.

July 7 is a holiday of sorts in the video game realm as it is the day that Bungie celebrate "Bungie Day" which is nothing more than the day that the game developer picked out of a fondness for the number seven. This is a day that they put out special content to promote their games and today is no different with a new Red vs Blue short featuring Xbox 360 exclusive Halo: Reach called "Deja View."
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    Dragoshi1 Jul 7, 10
    I shed a manly tear when I saw Griff in Reach Armor, and manly sobs when they showed all of blood gulch, and manly wails when I saw how large the map is.
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    Bale Fire Jul 7, 10
    Haha, that was hilarious. I love how Simon's hologram became self aware.

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