Hey, I think this open world western game just might have a shot at making it. GameStop advertised a special deal for Red Dead Redemption and demand promptly crashed their website.

GameStop advertised a special deal on the hot open-world western, Red Dead Redemption today but apparently offered more than their website could handle. The PS3 and Xbox 360 game was supposed to go on sale for $23.99 at Noon EST but heavy traffic brought GameStop.com down just before the deal was launched.
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    Hideo1 Jul 9, 10
    So it's so glitchy it's destroying other people's websites
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    Chiggins Jul 10, 10
    I've been wanting to play this game badly. Too bad I don't have any money.
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    screamingabdabs Jul 12, 10
    Maybe this is bad karma for all the bad things Gamestop have done in their time. Or maybe it was a site error

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