Last week Pokemon Diamond and pearl once again dominated Nintendo's WFC Online with Animal Crossing Wild World right on it's tail. And as well Pokemon Battle Revolution was only 5th and even Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass made it. geez those kids in Japan must love that game.

1. Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - 2,287,928 connections*
2. Animal Crossing: Wild World - 436,875 connections
3. Mario Kart DS - 327,546 connections
4. Metroid Prime Hunters - 244,065 connections
5. Pokémon Battle Revolution - 220,051 connections
6. Mario Strikers Charged Football - 150,201 connections
7. Transformers: Autobots & Deceptions - 129,435 connections**
8. Jump! Ultimate Stars - 122,446 connections
9. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker - 78,580 connections
10. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - 64,528 connections
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    Shadow net583x s Jul 16, 07
    No surprise that Diamond is #1, but with so many ahead of #2, i mean seriously lol

    Phantom Hourglass? wtf it isnt out yet is it?
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    bakfromon Jul 16, 07
    Phantom Hourglass is out in Japan so this must be the worldwide.
    I'm surprised Mario Kart and Metroid Prime Hunters are still in the top five with all the hackers.
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    Storm Jul 16, 07
    There's hackers for Mario Kart and Metroid? Well that's a shame. These numbers are huge, just goes to show that there are a lot of gamers out there. I reckon that I'll be hooked on that Pokemon DS game as well once I get it.
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    Warsun Jul 16, 07
    I finally have the right connection to get my Wii (again) and DS online. I'll be adding a number to the Pokémon list!

    Although I'll probably get my ass kicked, as my highest is a level 26...

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