OXCGN looks at the huge business of collectables, and how they have changed the face of gaming for retailers, with specific interest in the Halo franchise and of course, the last in the line, Halo Reach.

It's collectables should draw a great deal of attention, with it's Legendary Edition already completely sold out in all major retailers, bot in-store and on-line.

Come see the consoles from the 1st-gen through to the Reach X360 'S' which will go on sale in Australia and around the globe on release of the game.

We all love a collection- well, those of us that can see some value in something that will eventually become desirable outside the immediate scope of current interest.

Collectables in gaming have been around for some time, but they weren’t always available to the general gamer as they are now, but were more for the gaming media as “game junket” as it was once called.

They were special packs put together specifically for the media by the publishers designed to ”sell” the upcoming game and have them think favourably of said game.
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