This article looks at several popular videogame series turned into manga. Ranging from Sonic to Mega Man and everything in between, manga and gaming fans are sure to love these books.

Some games are so popular that they were bound to expand to other mediums. For many, it’s all about manga. What makes manga about video game characters so compelling is that the comic creators get to flesh out the storylines and characters, and sometimes even re-imagine the stories in ways that actually make the characters more interesting.
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    Dragoon Jul 30, 10
    Boktai manga is definately one to read if you're a fan of the franchise, it's hilarious. I believe Disgaea was made into a manga as well but I could be wrong.

    Pokemon is probably the best out of those listed.
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      Shadow of Death Jul 30, 10
      Yep, both Disgaea and Disgaea 2 have manga. For the first at least, the art quality is a bit 'meh'. I think the second one had a better job done on it.

      Released by Broccoli Books, I think?
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        Dragoon Jul 31, 10
        I knew I wasn't going mad. I need to read them though. ;w;
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          Shadow of Death Aug 1, 10
          Me too, actually. I don't have any of the Disgaea 2 manga (I think D1 only had the one volume, but it might have had more).
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    Dragoshi1 Jul 30, 10
    Pokemon Manga>Pokemon Anime
    It had freakin' Pokemon getting torn limb from limb and a bleeding charizard!

    And the Zelda manga is ok, I have Majora's Mask. And the Mario one I want to read.
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      Dragoon Jul 30, 10
      Pokemon anime got stupid after orange islands.
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    Bale Fire Jul 30, 10
    I was actually slightly interested in the Ratchet and Clank Manga a while back, but when I saw the art? Yeah, no way.

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