For those of you who have been hoping that Gears of War will be cross platform, the news is out and it is not going to happen. Although it will be available for both Windows XP and Vista, Gears of War will not be able to support cross platform play with the XBOX 360.

Most of you have seen by now that Gears of War is coming to the PC (bet you never saw that one coming.) Having been able to see (and play) the game first-hand last week, all I can say is "I think I'm in love... Again..."

The game looks amazing on the Xbox 360, but on Windows Vista, running at 1280p (1900x1280 resolution) it is jaw-dropping. I sat there with my mouth open as CliffyB and Rod Ferguson explained the controls to me. The roadie-run controls (double-tap W, A, S, D to run OR use Space-Bar as the 360's "A" button) are flawless. I may not be the best Gears player, but with the mouse and keyboard, I dispensed a healthy amount of pwnage during the Games for Windows Reception on Wednesday night (sorry about that Litheon).
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    Storm Jul 16, 07
    I thought they confirmed this on E3? That's a damn shame. Ah well, I suppose the crossover will affect the gameplay, perhaps the 360 version will slow down the PC version.
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    Cdemon Jul 17, 07
    How exactly would it slow it down?

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