Many gamers absolutely love the Halo franchise and Bungie seems to deliver everything to their fans they could ever dream of, including Halo 2 maps in Halo Reach.

Awhile back, Bungie announced a new map called “Reflection” that they hailed as the best map they’d ever created. With hype like this, Halo fans are probably pondering and dreaming about what the map will look like. Prepared for a blast from the past?
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    Aussie Legend Aug 6, 10
    Is there any Halo 2 maps they AREN'T bringing back?

    Not that I'm complaining, Halo 2 did have the best maps.
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      Tenken Aug 7, 10
      To be fair, some of the maps they decided to bring back were created with Forge.
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    legendary one Aug 7, 10
    I think I will buy this one. I did not get Halo 3 or ODST... I think this one looks more promising.

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