In an interview with Masahiro Sukarai, he mentions that 3D is the way forward, not only for gaming hardware, but other medias such as Television. But is the bold and brandish statement that 3D is the way forward really true? Or are we just dealing ourselves another det of deuces?

Technology is always improving, always evolving, and we as consumers tend to roll along with it, stepping over the tech of the past to embrace the future. DVDs replaced VHS, colour TVs replaced black and white ones. These days, advancements in technology include Blu Ray slowly overtaking DVD, and High Def Television replacing Standard Definition.

Now we have 3D, which many developers and filmmakers are parading around as the next big thing, completely changing our perspectives on entertainment. Sony is especially adamant in their advertising of their new 3D televisions, as well as current and future PS3 games receiving an upgrade to the third dimension. But it’s Nintendo’s handling of 3D that has gained the most attention, with their upcoming handheld utilizing revolutionary “glasses-free” entertainment.
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