Some videogame include voice dubbing that's just too over-the-top or culturally different. Here's ten videogames that make the addition of voice acting even worse.

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    Shadow of Death Aug 9, 10
    Holy crap, that Japanese Tidus and Yuna one was 10x as bad as the English one (I thought that was terrible sounding, so forced)....Indeed, it's rather creepy...

    Sounds like Tidus is sobbing like a psychotic robot trying to sob...Or laugh....or both?

    No wonder why they got such stares from their comrades....If I heard someone around me 'laughing' like that I'd excuse myself and run like hell @_@
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    hoggys2much Aug 9, 10
    That Final fantasy ending is the most retarded thing I have ever herd.

    I had herd the English dub before but that was the first time I had ever herd the Japanese version and all I can say is OMG! What on earth where they thinking?

    Whoever thought that sounded good should be taken away and shot.

    I don't know his name as I dont play this game but they sounded either A. Mentaly retarded or B. had just caught his boner in a door!

    That should have been voted the worst ever.
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    Bale Fire Aug 9, 10
    The FFX laughing scene is meant to be awkward though. So is it a failure for making everyone hate it? Or is it a success for achieving the awkwardness which was trying to be conveyed?

    Japanese version is worse than the English one though, not sure how that is possible.
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      Shadow of Death Aug 12, 10
      Forced =/= creepy as all hell >_>

      It would have been less creepy if they just revealed that they were actually robots or something....At least you could write off the attempted 'forced laughter' as a bad attempt by a robot to appear human....

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