Beat 'Em ups were once a dime a dozen. Now it seems like they are one of the rarest breeds of videogames. However it's good to know that people are still making these games. So here are five beat 'Em ups to look forward to.

While these games embody everything that is good about videogames, they have been MIA for the past decade. However, developers have thrown these games an extra life, and the old school is coming to the new via the PSN, XBLA, and even the Wii.
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    Storm Aug 11, 10
    I love beat 'em ups. Used to play many on the SNES, then slowly the genre began to die...these look pretty good, especially nostalgic moments for that Batman game, but I do wish we'd get a full-fledged beat 'em up for the 360/PS3 again.

    I think the last later one I played that was decent to me was The Bouncer on the PS2.
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    screamingabdabs Aug 12, 10
    Beat em up's were great on the older consoles, my personal favourites were the Streets of Rage series. That Batman game actually looks decent.

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