A concise list of 50 of the greatest race tracks in video games history. With titles from all the major consoles from the original NES to the latest Playstation 3.

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    Gamesta100 Aug 10, 10
    As much as I like the Rainbow Road music on SNES, I think the N64 version is far superior. I would put the 64 version above all Mario Kart music.
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    Dragoon Aug 11, 10
    I prefered the Rainbow Road on MKWii tbh.
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    Gotenks Aug 11, 10
    I always loved the one on the N64 more. The one on the Wii is fun but annoying.

    Bowsers Castle has always been my favorite tracks.
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    cgauld7 Aug 12, 10
    My favourite is Koopa Troopa Beach on Mario Kart 64.
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    Triforce of Wisdom Sep 12, 10
    Haha, I remember playing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit in my best friend's basement at his eighth birthday party. We had so much fun, but I couldn't seem to get away from the spike strips.

    And when I was watching The Psychedelic Experience, I was thinking, "Where have I seen this?" and then, "Holy hell, that's from Mario Kart 64! That's rainbow road!"

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