Heavy Rain creator, David Cage, acknowledge that Sony had 'balls' for allowing Heavy Rain to carry on to meet it's unexpected success instead of pulling it out of production.

He did, at least, acknowledge publisher Sony's role in Heavy Rain's largely unexpected success. “Publishers in general don't have balls. That's a fact,” he reiterates. “They want a safe bet. They look at what was successful last year, and ask you to do the same. You need to give them reasons to trust you... With a game like Heavy Rain, it comes together very late. If I showed you the alpha of HR, you'd probably kill it and say that it would never happen. Many publishers would have killed that game at that stage. Sony didn't.”
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    DedValve Aug 17, 10
    I thought this was common knowledge
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    Xeros the Slayer Aug 17, 10
    Kind of proven when they also gave Demon's Souls the green light without changing it at all.

    A game with the entire goal and premise to be as difficult as possible with dying being a key factor in the gameplay isn't something many companies thinking purely with their wallets approves of. From expected 75k units sold global, at best. But their risk was paid off when it sold over 280,000 units in the US alone.

    Some Sony execs call themselves lucky that they've been so fortunate in these titles successes.
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    blackrosedelt Aug 17, 10
    It's entirely true. They place them on the Move controllers for all to see.

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