PlayStation 3 fans will be happy to hear that Mass Effect 2 will be coming to the PlayStation 3. EA announced the release of the game at their press conference at gamescom today.

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    Red 9 Aug 17, 10
    This should be worth a try.
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    Spectre Aug 17, 10
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      Red 9 Aug 17, 10
      thsts what MS always says. "360 remains the best place to experience the game." They've said it before and they're saying it now.
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    Shinobi_razor Aug 17, 10
    wow thats a long time for you guys to wait. and you dont even get the first game so its only half the experience.
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      Province Sep 27, 10
      It's not really a long time, and it's not really half the experience. It's half the franchise, yes, but it's the entire Mass Effect 2 game and probably a bunch of DLC on one disk. What do we have to complain about? XD
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    Bale Fire Aug 17, 10
    I wonder if they'll release the first game now, or if not whether they'll make any changes to help smooth out the storyline. I suppose the first game wasn't exactly essential though.
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      Solid Snake 4Life Aug 17, 10
      quote Bale Fire
      I suppose the first game wasn't exactly essential though.
      The first game is absolutly essential, Yes ME2 is a great game but the reason it's good is because it's actually a continuation of what you did in ME1. Sure the overall game will play out the same but it's not the same experience.
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        Bale Fire Aug 18, 10
        Sorry, should have clarified. I meant more that I don't see the first game as essential to myself. I mean I practically know most of the important plot plots already, a few of the ones for the second game as well.

        I wouldn't entirely rule out the first game coming to PS3 anyway though. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 & 2 show that there are ways of working around contracts.
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    Kave En Aug 17, 10
    I either see the first game being re-released for PS3 as Mass Effect: Genesis, a summary of what events occured in the first game playing before you start ME2 on Ps3 (as well as asking you who you save, Kaidan or Ashley? Do you kill Wrex? Etc), or something along those lines.
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    Absolute Aug 17, 10
    ME1 was published by MS so it is never going to be on PS3.

    Which is a shame. ME2 is a great game but it completely builds off of ME1. every single way possible. Every small detail, mission, etc, completely relies on what you did in ME1.

    If you create a new Shep (which will be the only way on PS3). You are required to say what major events took place in ME1, but tbh it means nothing if you haven't played it yourself.
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      FinalFantasyFanaticc Aug 18, 10
      Indeed, without ME1 coming to PS3 and only ME2 this really means nothing, it'll completely suck without being able to experience everything that happens in ME1 for yourself, shit so many small things get built upon in ME2 take the guy who wants your autograph in ME1 for example =d
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        Existence Aug 18, 10
        Bioware's said that they'll be including a special introductory segment, so we won't be missing out on any of the major stuff- just some titbits, like Conrad, the refund guy, etc.
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          Solid Snake 4Life Aug 18, 10
          quote Existence
          Bioware's said that they'll be including a special introductory segment, so we won't be missing out on any of the major stuff- just some titbits, like Conrad, the refund guy, etc.
          Even if your up to speed it's not the same as sculpting the narrative. The problems with RPGs like this is that there was always the one canon ending no matter how you played it. Bioware fixed it and now ps3 players wont even be able to experience it.
          And with Microsoft having publishing rights to ME1, which is valuable as it now makes the 360 the only way to experience the full trilogy I doubt they'd just stand aside and let sony have it.
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          Red 9 Aug 18, 10
          You guys are making it sound like ME2 is going to be a terrible forgettable experience if I don't play every last minute of the first. Yes it's a tragedy that the first one isn't porting; MS published it and isnt about to let it go. But ME2 is still has more than enough merits to make it a great standalone game. There may be holes that PS3 won't understand, but I'm not going to cry every moment of ME2 on my PS3 just because I couldn't play the first. It's important but not end-all-be-all essential to having fun with the game.
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    Darknet Aug 17, 10
    It's too bad they won't get ME1 and that game transfer feature.
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    Aussie Legend Aug 18, 10
    Meh, it was bound to happen eventually.

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