Can this be what we've been waiting for? Can it be the most epic MMO out there? We can't tell until the release date, but let's see if it can compete with WOW!

The game is F2P but as it is with most free MMOs, you will end up needing to spend real money on the game itself. But until you reach level 50 the game is free!

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that MMO The Lord of the Rings Online will go free-to-play next month.

On September 10, LOTRO developer Turbine will launch a new pricing model for the game, which first went live as a subscription offering in 2007.

The new system will allow players to download and play the game for free, but they will have to pay for additional expansions, quest packs, items and account services.

Free-to-play gamers will be able to explore the open world of Middle-Earth and participate in LOTRO's story up to level 50 without charge.

They will then be invited to visit the LOTRO Store to purchase expansion packs, premium content, additional character slots, potions and character customisation items. The free-to-play launch follows a beta testing phase in June.

"Our LOTRO beta programme has been a huge success and we want to thank all of our players who worked with us to get the game ready for launch," said Turbine's LOTRO executive producer Kate Paiz.

"Our unique pricing model has revolutionised the industry and starting in September, players will be able to choose how they pay for and play one of the world’s best online games and we can't wait to welcome millions of new players to Middle-Earth."

Tubine is also offering players the chance to become LOTRO VIPs to get unlimited access to all the premium content, as well as receive priority server access, five character slots and a monthly allocation of points to spend in the store.
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    BANDITO ATTACK Aug 19, 10
    considering i usually just play to level 20 in any given MMO before getting bored and starting a new character, this pleases me.
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    Emaster MK Aug 19, 10
    Try Runes of Magic, it is the best so far!

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