This podcast from DualShockers goes into such topics as rhythm games, Halo Reach, PlayStation Move, and more. The latest news, game releases are also discussed.

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    Red 9 Aug 27, 10
    You've gotta be joking me...comparing a controller to a video game...
  • 0
    Bale Fire Aug 27, 10
    Apples to oranges, controllers to videogames.
  • 0
    Daweii Aug 28, 10
    I swear these days they hire retards to think up of topics while paying them peanuts and biscuits in return.. This is going down in my top 10 of worst topics on the internets as this is *bleep*ing stupid.
  • 0
    Aussie Legend Aug 28, 10
    You mean what's gonna sell more? Halo by a long way I would be assume.

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