Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed the required (as well as optional) hard drive install size for the upcoming Playstation 3 game, Gran Turismo 5.

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    Existence Aug 28, 10
    10GB optional install? That's probably the largest I've come across.
    • 1
      Daweii Aug 28, 10
      This is probably the largest game anyone has ever come across. I was actually expecting a large install, what I wasn't expecting was it to be optional.
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        Red 9 Aug 28, 10
        Exactly. GT5 is probably the largest game on a console to date. Anyone expecting a tiny install is fooling themselves.

        However, most people are still going to install the 10 Gigs for smoother running.
    • 0
      Gamesta100 Aug 28, 10
      I actually jokingly said 10GB before reading this.
  • 0
    cgauld7 Aug 29, 10

    I'll definitely install the 10 Gigs, so it runs more smoothly.
  • 0
    Guticb Aug 30, 10
    Haha, I love how everyone is like.


    .... I'm installing it"

    but I agree... =P
    • 0
      Red 9 Aug 30, 10
      Hey it's Glue Tub! Haven't seen you round the ol' General PS3 forum in a while

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