A fan has created a video detailing the epic final battle between Super Sonic and Dr. Robotnik at the end of Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Spoilers ensue, but this is one battle worth seeing.

Created by YouTube user MajorDump and using models from artist Dobukera, "Doomsday Zone Part One" shows a fully-animated version of the Doomsday Zone battle back when fights in space were still cool. Not only are the models extremely detailed, they also stay true to the feel of the original Genesis title.
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    Reenee Aug 28, 10
    Too much downtime in the action. Not good.
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    hoggys2much Aug 28, 10
    That was unbeleivable. Absolutely fantastic and totally incredable.

    He really did capture the magnificance and atmosphere of 1 of the best levels of the Sonic Genesis era.

    Hope this person creates more. Perhaps he should show this to SEGA and show them thast this is how you do Sonic.
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    Play ISDF Aug 28, 10
    That was brilliant, even more so considering it was fan-made. The Doomsday Zone has always been my most favourite and memorable level out of the entirety of Sonic, ever since I was little. Seeing it come to life like that really does great justice to it.
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    Flippy Aug 29, 10
    Wow, hard to believe it's really fan made! D:


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