Microfoft has had a lot of news recently. Now we'll learn about what they have coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace throughout the month of September.

There is just all sorts of news coming up from Xbox LIVE Director of Programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb today. First, we learn about the upcoming Xbox 360 controller with adjustable D-pad, and now we get to learn what awaits us on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace throughout the month of September.
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    Aussie Legend Sep 1, 10
    Sonic Adventure 2 > Sonic Adventure 1

    But hey, I'm still getting it!
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      Play ISDF Sep 1, 10
      Agreed, but I'd be willing to bet that SA2B will be re-released too. Kind of sucks when I've been playing it lately and having fun with chao only to start again at a later date.

      Still, can't way to play some more SA1!
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    DXD Sep 20, 10
    It's a shame and slightly odd that this still isn't available for WiiWare(but I suppose that's what I have my legitimate copy for).

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