Looks like Hello Kitty is on board to finish the fight alongside the Spartans in the Halo series. Along with other geeked out versions of Hello Kitty, this line up of toys will no doubt be a hit with geeks.

Back when I was at THQ, I was assigned to work on some Hello Kitty products. I thought it was going to kill me til I found out just how fascinating the whole Hello Kitty brand is (It's the 3rd biggest cartoon brand in the world.) Ever since then I respect the kitty. The second reason why I like Joseph? Checking out his Myspace page, he's got a dog just like my own Bishon mix, Yoshi. Takes a real man to love kitty and cute dogs.
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    YoshiStar Sep 4, 10
    Halo + Hello Kitty = Halo Kitty
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      Smiffers Sep 5, 10
      I havn't heard that one before /sarcasm

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