A recent article by the Khallej Times talks about the blood and violence in gaming. Is blood and gore too violent for you? It is for the UK, who banned Manhunt 2. As you know, violent games have been blamed countless times for crimes commited. For some gamers, people say that reality and the gaming world is blurred.

Jamie Quadros, a UAE gamer says he likes RPG's and shooters because they're really violent with blood filling your screen. He says it's like being in a horror movie and it's suppose to make the gamer feel scared. Still, he goes on saying that you have to control yourself and not enjoy stabbing someone.

Go to the source to read on about the parental role and how to share the responsibility.

BLOOD GUSHES into the space where the man's head used to be before you slashed his neck with an axe. His friend lies with his skull caved in after you bashed it in. Welcome to the world of violent video games.

Video games have been blamed by some psychologists for real life crime.Some say the distinction between reality and the imaginary world of the game is blurred for some gamers.Jamie Quadros, another UAE gamer, said he enjoyed role playing games and shooter games and explained the attraction.

"They're incredibly violent," he said. "There's blood splattering everywhere. It's pretty much like being inside a horror movie." He said these games were designed with blood and horror to make the gamer feel scared. "You're meant to be scared when you play them. The graphics are very realistic. It's the whole cheap thrill factor like going to a horror movie," he explains.
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    Storm Jul 18, 07
    I don't see people complaining about the movies of today. The way blood splatters and such in movies is more realistic because...well it's real people
  • 0
    SSJ3 Trunks Jul 18, 07
    I know that the blood spills in games are just fake so I don't see the big deal, really, people need to be more mature.
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    Chimaira Jul 18, 07
    Who gives a shit about violence and blood in videogames? At the end of the day it's just a game - it's computer generated. It's not as if they're real people.

    Also I pretty much agree with Storm about the movies statement.
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    Synergized Jul 18, 07
    It still was interesting reading about a gamers point of view on this point.
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    Subzer0 Jul 18, 07
    But you have to admit that it isn't good for kids. Games that contain gore, blood and violence should be rated teen and mature IMO.

    I say et kids play Mario Brothers and Pokeman!
  • 0
    Chimaira Jul 19, 07
    Yeah but it's not as if games don't have age ratings on them.

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