Since everyone is already online playing Halo: Reach, what better time to recap Halo's best multiplayer weapons? Here are the top 10 death-dealers from the series (so far).

Since Halo: Combat Evolved, the multiplayer Bungie has produced is practically unparalleled on consoles, with each title reinventing and complicating the formula, establishing its own identity along the way.
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    Fury Sep 16, 10
    I think you got some of the facts wrong. The melee on the Halo 2 brute shot wasn't as strong as a Sword, it wouldn't kill in one hit if they had full shields. The BR killed in 4 bursts, not six. The DMR definitely does not kill in 2 hits in Reach, it takes five. The sniper was probably the least effective in Halo 3 (recoil and non-hitscan), not the most. And finally, the magnum killed in three hits in CE, not 2.

    Overall, I think it's a close tie between Halo 2's Battle Rifle and Halo: CE's magnum. If you're really good with the BR in Halo 2, you can kill someone by using the double-shot glitch twice in a row before the magnum would have been able to. The BR also has the BXR glitch, which is essentially an instant kill within melee range. Basically, the Halo 2 BR is the best weapon in the hands of a pro. It would be the Magnum in the hands of the average player though.

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