According to a new report released today by Raptr, Halo: Reach has dethroned Modern Warfare 2 as the most played game on the Xbox 360. Modern Warfare 2 was previously at the top of the list for 10 months. Raptr's new Halo: Reach report and infographic also includes fascinating Halo: Reach facts and figures such as the amount of people who have beaten the game in its first week of launch and the top 10 games Halo: Reach stole playtime from on the Xbox 360.

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    ShadowGuard Sep 23, 10
    I dont think this is much of a surprise though. MW2 has been out for 10 months, heck the next game is almost here. If Halo: Reach did not beat MW2, it would probably be considered a failure...
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      mjliangco Sep 23, 10
      True that. Though didn't expect to it be dethroned this fast.

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