OXCGN is always trying to encourage new writers to express their views through other means that simply forum banter. So they asked for gamers to express their views on the recent Medal Of Honor Taliban controversy.

Here are the two entrants picked from the number that submitted write-ups on the topic. Well worth the read both for and against the change of name and the whole issue actually. Slip over now and check it out, and pass your comment as well.

A few weeks ago we held a competition inviting gamers to voice their opinion on the recent backflip by EA where they changed the name of the Taliban to Opposing Forces.

To be honest I personally was confused as to why EA would be keen to produce a game about a modern real ongoing war when they must have witnessed the outcry over Six Days In Falluja (a game that was going to use real veterans’ experiences).

That game has disappeared off the radar, but EA foolishly (or if I was a cynic I’d say purposely for publicity) forged ahead with a game about Afghanistan that allows gamers to play as the enemy Taliban in multiplayer.

Then they backfliped and change the name. Were they doing the Modern Warfare 2 “No Russian” thing, courting controversy to get people talking?

In any case you gamers had strong opinions: some who supported the backflip and some who thought it was cowardly. Thank you for your comments and involvement.

Here are two slightly edited excerpts from the entries we received.
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    Red 9 Oct 16, 10
    I'm on the side who doesn't give a sh*t because he doesn't buy FPS's to begin with.
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    BANDITO ATTACK Oct 17, 10
    whoever's side you are on, you're giving them attention which is what they want. the whole thing is retarded.
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    ShadowGuard Oct 17, 10
    I am on the side which states "This should have never been a controversy, big wigs caved in to a few people who are too easily offended."
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    XboxOZ360 Oct 17, 10
    Personally, after having just played the opening 2 senarios, I can NOT see whatthe fuss is about using the word Taliban in the MP side of things, as throughout the entire SP mode, you are fighting them and they are called that in the game, and there was NO mention of removing them (the words) in the SP side of the game.

    Plus now Jack Thompson, the ex-lawyer everyone loves to hate in the US, believes HE is the cause of EA's backdown, amazing man, doubt he has a single brain cell between his ears.

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