OXCGN reviews the latest Red Dead Redemption's DLC pack, Undead Nightmare. Zombies everywhere in so many games of late, does this one cut the mustard, or fall short of offering something unique.

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A prevalent fixation in modern pop-culture is that of zombies.

Zombies. The Undead. The Walking Dead. The Living Dead. Whatever you want to call them, they’ve always been a common feature of video games.

More recently, however, they have become a hackneyed icon.

From the past few years, let’s name a few games that primarily focused on the undead: Dead Rising 1 and 2, Resident Evil 5, Silent Hill Homecoming, Nation Red, Burn Zombie Burn, Dead Space, and Left 4 Dead 1 and 2.

Bringing this even further, the amount of games that contain a zombie add-on or extra is even heftier: Call of Duty: World at War (the upcoming Black Ops will feature the Zombies mode as well), Borderlands, Half-Life 2, the entire Halo series, and heck, we could even go so far as to include Fallout 3 and the recently released New Vegas as games that contain the undead in some shape or form.
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