Game Podunker The Liztress compiles a top list of more to explore after completing Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption, in the Undead Nightmare. Best suggested to read on only after completing the original game.

With Halloween over for the year,one might still be aching to have a good time. Especially in the vast world of Red Dead Redemption. A world normally full of cattle rustlers, bandits, and wild beasts; this all changed on October 26th with the release of Undead Nightmare, the latest DLC aimed to add a ghoulish twist to the world that John Marston inhabits. For those who have played Red Dead Redemption, you know that John Marston is a man out to redeem himself and his family from his shady past with the wild untamed west as the backdrop. Now, Undead Nightmare does pick up at a part in the game close to the end so unless you don't mind some slight spoilers, you might not want to play it until you completed Red Dead Redemption. Until that time, allow me to just show you 5 of the many things you can be doing in the zombie-infested world of New Austin and Mexico.
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