It looks like the latest delay for Gran Turismo 5 was a waste of time. Sony held the game back so it could be recompiled using a newer SDK/Firmware (which we thought was 3.50) but it turns out they only recompiled it up to 3.30. Which means that 'Jailbroken' PS3's could probably play it within the next few days, effectively making it a waste of time.

Well the most awaited game of the year is arriving, but as you guys already know the stores already have them in stock, and people break street dates. With this being said, a member of our forums, blitz7287 has got his hands on a copy early and with my help we have found that the game was compiled with the 3.30 SDK.

Hi, sorry I didn't know where to post this but I have the game. And I've ripped it but it wont boot so I thought I'd share these files to see if someone can help get it working. It says it requires 3.50.
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    redneonfish Nov 22, 10
    Not a surprise, they've been delaying it for way too long. Seems weird that it's finally getting released.
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    Red 9 Nov 22, 10
    The delay from November 3rd to 24th was unnecessary. They simply could have had a FirmWare update downloaded upon inserting the disc.

    Instead we had to wait an extra three weeks. The expectation upon this game are literally astronomical. There is no way the game can live up to the hype it's set itself up for now.
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      Shattered Nov 22, 10
      To be fair if you look a little deeper into the world of modding on the PS3 - forcing a firmware update upon starting the game isn't something that would prevent them from backing the game up/modding it. There is a file they can edit that just takes the whole 'force update' thing out of the loop. But if they updated to a firmware that has yet to be jailbroken then it might slow the process down or possibly stop it. But since they didn't go all the way it's really not that much of a leap between the current jailbroken firmware and 3.30.

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