With LED lights in her hands, a shaven head and elaborate tattoos all over her body suit, Jia Jem does an excellent job in portraying borderline psychopathic Jack from Mass Effect 2.

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    Bale Fire Dec 9, 10
    I'm sure she has a wonderful personality...
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    Drogo Baggins Dec 9, 10
    Least attractive cosplay ever?

    All in favor?

    All opposed?

    It's decided.

    Like a female, tatted up Vin Diesel (even though I'm pretty sure it's just a suit)...

    It's still very good, though. It's actually quite nice to see a cosplay that's not just masturbation material.
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    Xander756 Dec 10, 10
    Girls with shaved heads gross me out. I'm STILL trying to get over seeing Natalie Portman with a shaved head in that one movie...

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