After Spike's Video Game Awards awards announced that Red Dead Redemption was 2010's Game of the Year but questions whether Red Dead Redemption was worthy of it's title.

For us, it's not the numbers that matter - but the quality of the game itself.
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    Daweii Dec 15, 10
    No.. I am sure anyone that played Mass Effect 2 this year will tell you which game deserved to be Game of the Year. I mean from every single standpoint be it technical, visual, story etc. Mass Effect 2 was the superior game of 2010 it should have won, but it didn't because for some reason whatever Rockstar make regardless of quality gets first picks on any award it likes.
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    Warp Dec 15, 10
    Well, Mass Effect 2 did win 360 Game of the Year, so it honestly evens it out.
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      Drogo Baggins Dec 15, 10
      Yeah, ME2 won GOTY from X-Play for those who didn't know.

      In my opinion, that is (or should be) at least a slightly more respected award.

      Whatever happened to G-Phoria? Anyone remember that video-game awards show?

      Does that still come on?
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      Fluroclad Dec 15, 10
      I don't think that winning 360 Game of the Year evens it out. Mass Effect 2 was overall much better than Red Dead Redemption where it was a very glitchy game compared to Mass Effect 2.

      Alan Wake won Time's Game of the Year.
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    Dragoshi1 Dec 15, 10
    Red Dead Redemption was an epic story from start to finish, plus the Undead Nightmare expansion extends the play-time and story by a good 4-8 hours. I have logged over 120 hours on RDR, and with the quirky characters, the sorrowful music, and the massive world full of realistic living animals and citizens, it was totally worth it. Game of the Year is definitely RDR.

    Mass Effect 2 was alright as well, but if you strip it down, basically its "Recruit team and make them love you to proceed with short final suicide mission".
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      Play ISDF Dec 15, 10
      That's like saying RDR was "ride a horse everywhere and shoot a lot then *spoiler* ending" (you know what I mean).
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    Bale Fire Dec 15, 10
    I don't think anyone here can objectively label one game as better than the other. Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, God of War 3 and all he others were each excellent in their own way. It all comes down to preference really.

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