Faithful Xbox 360 owners hoping against hope that new PC-specific content related to Gears of War will eventually arrive on the 360 via the Xbox Live Marketplace have had their dreams dashed today by Epic Games' Mark Rein, who's pretty much said it just isn't going to happen.

"It's very unlikely because the two code bases aren't compatible", Rein outlined. "To do that, we would have to patch the 360 version and the size of the patch would probably dwarf all five updates we've done so far. It's just too much work. I can't see it happening... It's not impossible, it's just unlikely."
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  • 1
    Warsun Jul 27, 07
    That isn't good. I may have to end up getting this on the PC after all. Thankfully I can use a 360 controller with my PC. Brunak is just too good to pass up.
  • 1
    Storm Jul 27, 07
    Well, they have to promote their PC version somehow, especially to people like us who bought the 360 version. And the Brunak is more than enough, heh.
  • -1
    Cruxis Mana Jul 28, 07
    I have nothing against the game personally, except that its so over-rated for what it actually is ...
    This is also another game that XBox fans can't call a system exclusive anymore ^^ Once Halo 3 died down its going to be the end of the 360, because those 2 games are the only reason many people even buy a 360 these days ...
    • 0
      Cdemon Jul 28, 07
      Don't be so ignorant. If you truly think the X360 only has two quality franchises (Gears and Halo), you're sadly mistaken.
  • 0
    tidus04 Jul 29, 07
    Dont forget Fable and the "No chance of ever getting" Metal Gear Solid 4 ...

    GoW2 has to come out pretty quick I think to keep this console alive ^^
  • 1
    LightWarrior Jul 30, 07
    I still think its utter bullshit that we don't get the new stuff. It just pisses me off about how they wont at least give us the maps and the Gametype. That'd be fine. Just SOMETHING from that PC game. ;_;. I want a new computer now ;_;.

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