Game Podunk blogger, Jazzersi, takes another look at Rockstar's proud accomplishment, Red Dead Redemption and details the game on things gamers may have missed.

With the upcoming release of LA Noire, I thought I'd have a play through Red Dead Redemption, and thus proceeded to inanely write something about it. Try to enjoy it please! So in case you hadn't noticed, Red Dead Redemption is a game about cowboys; which is cool, right? Well yes, I think it is! I mean what isn’t mouth wateringly bad-ass about a man with a cigarillo, poncho and wide brimmed hat riding around on a stallion blowing away bad guys without even breaking to sweat? Therefore, a well executed cowboy game would be really really cool, yes? Fortunately, Read Dead Redemption is said game. I mean, in the opening 10 minutes of the game, you visit a fort, confront outlaws and then are shot and left to rot by the side of the road, only to be rescued by an attractive female ranch owner and brought back from deaths door.
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