Some games starts out with a bang and hooks its players from beginning to end, while some fails to keep them interested for few minutes. Read on for more as Game Podunk blogger, Khorne, writes his take.

The beginning of a game is important in deciding whether a game will end up being played for an unhealthy amount of time or back in the store with a pre-owned sticker on it. A good opening will hook you with mystery but also unveil a lot about the story early on but it has to do it in a interesting way (explosions). So lets look at games that I feel had great openings and then lets look at some of the games that failed in crafting an interesting opening. Please note that I will discuss how these game open in-depth so expect spoilers.
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    Bale Fire Jan 28, 11
    I would agree that Oblivion has a bad opening, but not for the reasons stated. Being in jail never really made me think of my character as evil. I think the bigger problem is the opening dungeon, which is both ugly and tedious.
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    Gamesta100 Feb 24, 11
    The first game that came to mnd when I read the title of this article was Resident Evil 2.

    That game has an awesome opening.

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