Yet another Tennis video game is about to hit the market. Does it look promising or is it just some of the same old, same old? Check out the full preview at

It’s been the year of tennis so far, with the upcoming release of Top Spin 4, and now, Sega’s flagship Virtua Tennis 4. Virtua Tennis has always been a specifically Japanese tennis game, with a cool and modern aesthetic up against slightly weird and addictive minigames. Virtua Tennis 4 doesn’t mix the core up too much, but there’s plenty new here, such as a brand new campaign mode, 3D support, and rather impressive Move and Kinect applications. And there’s a new minigame forcing Roger Federer to collect baby chicks! That’s pretty awesome.
So, like I said, the core mechanics are still here. Tennis shots are still face buttons, control is the same, and there’s very little new with the basics. However, Sega is rewarding players who replicate the on-court actions of the pro they are currently controlling with Match Momentum. Say a player is controlling Sharapova. She’s a heavy hitter, meaning if a player times all of their shots to be extra powerful, and perform fast serves, her Momentum meter will rise. Fill it up, and the player can use a special shot. Nope, it’s not crazy like Mario Tennis, but it is a substantially more powerful shot. Other players, like Monfils or Nadal, will require players to replicate their individual styles.
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