Collectors are an odd bunch, I should know, I'm one of them lol, but one of OXCGN's team is also an avid collector, and looks at the changing trends in so-called collectors editions, or should I say, games passing themselves off as collectible items, in this neat article.

Come check it out, share your thoughts, I'm sure many have had the collectors bug at some stage, but most importantly, what do you think of current trends . . .

Ever since I was a small child, I enjoyed collecting things.

Can I explain it? Not really. There’s just something about having valuable items, or things from the past, that makes me smile. It’s like keeping the past with me.

It all began with the Pokémon craze as a kid. One of the most peculiar things, now that I reminisce over it, was the whole card game.

Maybe three card battles were done by me in my entire life. I simply collected them, and didn’t care to battle (because that’s what the games were for!).

Normals, rares, semi-rares, holographic ones, holographic legendary cards, and even more rare: holographic foreign legendaries! It was a collector’s madness.
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