A lot of gamers are afraid to admit that PC gaming isn't what it used to be. It appears there is new marketing research data that reveals that the PC market really is in the toilet.

As much as PC gamers would love to come to defense of their beloved rigs, towers and skyscrapers with enough juice running through them to power a small city block, it’s time to concede to what many of us already knew: PC gaming is dying. Reports have emerged confirming that the retail PC gaming market is, in fact, dying and there are some hard numbers to prove it, too
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    BANDITO ATTACK Mar 1, 11
    exaggerations. the market is simply shifting.
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    Drogo Baggins Mar 1, 11
    Eh, PC gaming has been "dying" for 7+ years as far back as I can remember.

    It's either dying a very slow death, or people are just full of shit. I'm leaning towards the latter option.

    I think that, for some odd reason, it's one of those things that people just want to say until it becomes true.

    Also, Blizzard's existence = PC gaming being alive forever.

    With that said, even if PC gaming were dying, it will probably never completely disappear. (And not just because of Blizzard.)
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    DedValve Mar 1, 11
    Oh look another PC gaming is dying. Oh I though we moved on from this a couple of years ago?
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    HalfMillennium Mar 2, 11
    When there's no market for gaming PCs which require hours of work, boatloads of technical knowhow and cost as much as most of the current consoles put together, I'll believe PC gaming is on its way out.

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