The Entertainment Software Rating Board has released robust rating summary for Duke Nukem Forever, detailing the game’s intense violence, strong sexual content and more.

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    longview01 Mar 1, 11
    I would be disapponted if they didn't list these things!
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    Storm Mar 1, 11
    So this is an FPS? Not TPS?
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      Gamesta100 Mar 1, 11
      I thought everyone knew it was FPS.

      Anyway yes it's FPS.It's the true sequel to Duke Nukem 3D.That's part of what makes it awesome.

      This was rated in Aus like 2 weeks ago.Us Aussies are happy that it passed classification without any edits to the game.
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        Storm Mar 1, 11
        Well I did see the trailers and all, but I was hoping it'd be a cross between FPS/TPS. I'm more of a fan of Time to Kill and other TPS titles rather than 3D and such. Eh, no big deal in the long run, just every shooter I pick up now is FPS. -_-
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          Gamesta100 Mar 1, 11
          I'm actually a TPS myself but I think FPS's is better than TPS when it comes to Duke.

          I'm actually surprised someone likes TPS Duke more than FPS Duke.
          A lot of people hate TTK and PotB's.I personally love D3D, TTK, PotB's and Zero Hour, I just think 3D is easily the best of the 4.

          But I think Zero Hour on N64 is easily the best TPS Duke.
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        Aussie Legend Mar 2, 11
        Wait, they let it pass?

        God damn do they just throw darts to see which games they ban
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          Gamesta100 Mar 2, 11
          It passed and Gearbox(?) confirmed that the unedited version was submitted for classification.So we will be playing the exact same DNF that the rest of the world will.
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    BANDITO ATTACK Mar 1, 11
    "Bathroom humor includes the ability to urinate in toilets or urinals and/or pick up feces from toilets and throw it against walls."

    yeah, that sounds suitable for the average duke nukem player's intelligence.
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      DedValve Mar 1, 11
      Don't come here to spread your fancy edumacation here. It is not 'preciated.
      This is as to be expected of a duke nukem game.

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