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When considering your favorite games, it’s all too easy to ignore the people behind them in favor of a title’s own merits. But video games are the culmination of years of work by dozens and hundreds of people. It’s rare that a single person will be credited with the creation or popularization of an entire genre or franchise, but when it does happen, those names tend to stick with us. We pay attention to what they’re doing, and their projects generate more hype than they generally know what to do with.
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    lord of vice city Mar 22, 11
    where the hell is Hideo Kojima in that list?
    that man managed to reshape story telling and stealth games all round

    list is pointless
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    Darknet Mar 22, 11
    No Warren Spector? Man fused FPS and RPG together.
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    Aussie Legend Mar 22, 11
    I disagree with virtually all those picks, come back with a better list please.

    Peter Molyneaux, seriously?! Why not have CliffyB on the list then.
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    FinalFantasyFanaticc Mar 22, 11
    Get rid of Miyamoto and Molyneaux and add in Kojima and CliffyB.

    Because tbh, Miyamoto is just stale these days and can't keep up with himself anymore.

    And Molyneaux is just a prick.
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    Fallen Royalty Mar 22, 11
    All negative comments on this article are full of shit; it was a good list. A lot of important names up there and I even learned a few new ones. The only thing it was missing is Kojima; everyone else can shove it.
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    Chronos71 Mar 22, 11
    IMO, CliffyB is more significant that Molyneaux.

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