The ESRB is a governing body that determines what rating a video game will receive in the states. It has come under fire as of late for its inconsistency. Check out the full post as we analyze this recent development. Cheers!

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    Seproth Mar 26, 11
    That's actually a really good article, and it does seem the rating given to Starcraft is wrong at least in comparison. I guess maybe it's something to do with not actually doing the murdering, and the perspective.

    That being said, the esrb's continued insistence on putting suggestive themes as an example is kind of annoying, since it can pretty much be put on anything.
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    ShadowJ Mar 31, 11
    Indeed, it is actually a good article and it does press on a concerning matter, especially since it plays an important role in educating parents.

    Sound harsh? It should since I am a believer that it is the parent's responsibility and no one else's on what their kid should and shouldn't play.

    As to the inconsistency of ESRB...I can see the issue but I would assume the reasoning for the different ratings within SC2 and Halo: Reach is because SC2 is table top, bird's eye view and Halo is first person...I could be wrong but that's pretty much all I can see as a difference.

    However everyone has a different view and opinion...I mean I don't find the words "Damn" and "Hell" offensive but someone else might


    Regarding the fact that ESRB are there to help the games industry not get attacked by misinformed parents, their ratings should be consistent and in uniform

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