The first teaser trailer for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was released today and shows off a few new characters, as well as an old familiar. Check out the post for the video and impressions.

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    Deception Mar 31, 11
    *has a seizure of awesomeness*
    I couldn't care less if this game turns out shit, I'm buying it anyway.
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    Daweii Mar 31, 11
    I'm buying this as it is the first game since Code Veronica where I actually know what I'll be getting. I don't care what Capcom says to try and bait the hardcore fans what I see from this game is a mindless action game and I don't mind that. The main reason I didn't like RE5 much is that it was touted as a horror and then it wasn't.. This game is touted as a third person shooter so I'm not expecting any horror. If it scares me cool, if not I don't mind.

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