Following up on the announcement last week of a new Resident Evil title, we are finally starting to hear about what we can expect. Check out the interview of what one of the lead men said will be included in this latest horror classic.

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    Gamesta100 Apr 5, 11
    I've mentined how I didn't want to play this because I don't want to play as a bad guy in RE but truthfully, had it been a survival horror game I would have still played it.

    But if it's just another shooter set in the RE world then I truly have NO interest in it.
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    DedValve Apr 7, 11
    I can't wait to play gears of war, call of duty, socom, halo, Operation Raccoon City! Way to keep the series fresh capcom!

    I'm over the fact that this is their answer to RE2make/R3make and Outbreak. And now that the hype has down a little and more info + a pretty shitty trailer came out I won't be getting this game because capcom is treating this game like shit is the reason I won't buy it.

    And their not even developing it. That has to be a new low.

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