Everybody loves the zombie shooter genre. I say genre because there have been so many titles in the past few years that it can be considered its own genre. Check out the article as we discuss the best of the best.

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    Aussie Legend Apr 7, 11
    I was completely agreeing... up to the point where they mentioned Dead Space and Resident Evil 5
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    Gamesta100 Apr 7, 11
    Resident Evil 5? Really?

    Resident evil 1-4, including CV/X yes but RE5? HELL no!
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    DedValve Apr 7, 11
    RE5 and Dead Space?

    I would love to know where you shoot zombies in that game.
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    Shinobi_razor Apr 7, 11
    there are no zombies in either RE4 or 5, if you want to get technical, therefore they dont count. i still refer to them as such anyway, cause its simpler and easier to remember than Las Plagas.

    and in Dead Space they are of course necromorphs which arent zombies either. LOL who wrote this article? because a more inclusive title would have been "best UNDEAD shooters" which would have included Dead Space and RE5 simply because undead is a much broader category, while "zombie" is a very specific undead.

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