Resident Evil was a groundbreaking video game franchise when it first paunched, but lately, the series has deviated from it's roots. If there is to be a Resident Evil 6...

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    Dragoshi1 Apr 19, 11
    I miss killing zombies.

    Resi 4 and 5 were alright(mainly 4), but I sincerely miss killing zombies, and knowing that they could indeed kill me(in 4 and 5 I felt like a badass, not a vulnerable human being).
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    Shinobi_razor Apr 19, 11
    what will they do now with the main series now that Wesker appears to be dead for good and Tricell/Umbrella are more or less in ruins? would they invent yet another evil company to fight against? i guess theyll have to if they plan on making the series keep going forward as opposed to focusing on prequels or side stories (like Operation Raccoon City). theyll also need a new villain even more hate-able than Wesker, unless they decide to cook up some crazy way for him to be revived again, and be even more powerful than before if thats possible.

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