Default Prime author Chris Stewart tackles SCEA President Jack Tretton's comment that the Nintendo DS is primarily made for children, and that no adult would ever play one.

The most worrying thing here is the underlying attitude Jack’s statement has betrayed. I don’t know if he realises there’s an overlap in the people who buy Nintendo and Sony gaming products. I’m no expert myself, but I’ll hazard a guess that it’s not just me who’s part of that overlap. And for a PR stunt this hasn’t done Sony’s reputation any favours in my book. So what if you think your little piece of gaming plastic is more ‘grown-up’ in its conception than market competitors’. I guarantee that just as many youths as adults are interested. In fact I’ve never seen a self-respecting adult playing a PSP. Perhaps that’s because just by looking at a PSP you can feel the aura of condescension and smugness radiating from it. Or perhaps it’s because, as a company, Nintendo is much more mature in the technology it produces and the way it markets.
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    longview01 Apr 23, 11
    This was news like what....2 weeks ago?

    Also 20 something and playing Pokemon....

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