Game Podunk blogger, DoctorStrangeLove presents his thoughts on video game collectibles and merchandise. In this entry, DoctorStrangeLove writes on what can be considered gaming art. Read on for more.

If you look back at my other blog posts, you'll know I'm a fan of video game merchandise. I can't help but feel the need to collect things from video games that I enjoyed or plan on enjoying. I mention merchandise for things I haven't played yet, because most of the good stuff in my collection could only be bought or won before the game ever releases. It could be things like trinkets, preorder bonuses, clothing, press kits, and in the case of this blog, art! That's right! Of all the things I could write about I've decided art needs to be the focus of this blog. And why not? Art is an awesome thing to collect! It comes in the forms of books, posters, lithographs and any other thing I can't think of at the moment! Of all the things I've collected, I feel the video game related art is the most classy of all. So now for your reading pleasure, I am going to list some of the classiest gaming related art I can think of! But with high class art comes the burden of keeping them in mint condition, and that can get ridiculously expensive! Expensive and classy, this blog begins now!
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