Check out GameZone's interview with Derek Paxton and Jon Shafer of Fallen Enchantress. As they discuss the gameplay elements and the lessons they learned from War of Magic. For the full interview go to

When Elemental: War of Magic came out, many reviewers found the game held a lot of promise. A 4X TBS, the game released with some unique features, but problems with bugs and general ambition interfered with the overall quality. The team at Stardock are well aware of the faults of the original and are back with an interesting sequel-expansion fusion called Elemental: Fallen Enchantress. This game aims to accomplish what the first one couldn’t. We chatted with Derek Paxton (the lead designer and lead producer on the game) as well as Jon Shafer (a designer at developer Stardock and alumni from Civilization V), who gave us their impressions of this brand new title.
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    athmaus May 18, 11
    Hmmm never heard of this game before, thx for interview

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