Ask yourself, what modern system has the best game lineup for the year of 2007? Let's start with the Wii first. The anticipated games for the Nintendo console would be small, listing only Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Super Mario Galaxy, but mainly, Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The Playstation 3 also has only a few games, ranging from Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Lair and Ratchet and Clank future: Tools of Destruction. However, the Xbox 360 has an excellent lineup, with Bioshock, Mass Effect, Ace Combat 6 and of course, Halo 3.

All systems have a fairly good lineup, but Live-360 thinks the Xbox 360 takes the bait. You can say they probably missed a few games, however.

Out of all three systems which one has the best upcoming exclusive games list for 2007? Here is Live-360’s opinion feel free to share yours in the comment section.

I think it is fair to say that all three systems have some great looking games coming out this year. While PS3 may be lacking in 07 it has some huge titles lined up for 08. This year looks like the year of the Xbox 360. Neither Nintendo or Sony really have anything to top Halo 3 and Mass Effect in 07 but they certainly are looking strong for 2008.
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    Sort Aug 7, 07
    As of right now, I don't think there is any question to who comes out on top in this regard.
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    chaos Aug 7, 07
    The XBox 360 definitely has the better line-up. I'm looking forward to the three Wii games listed, as well as Wii Fit; it looks pretty fun. As far as Sony goes, I don't really pay much attention to them anymore to know what good games are coming out for the PS3.
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    Seeker X Aug 7, 07
    Well congratulations, the author answered their own question, thanks for wasting my time.
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    Final Blade Aug 8, 07
    Well i have to agree with Seeker X, though i will say this PS3 will have a good ending to 07 and a explosive continuation in 08.
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    Bale Fire Aug 8, 07
    Ummm a Xbox site lists the 360 as first? Wow what a surprise (Sarcasm)
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    Shieldsy Aug 8, 07
    If this site were unbiased, they would see that PS3 has a LOT more good games comin out this year
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    S v R 2010 Aug 8, 07
    The PS3 has good games coming out this year, but nearly all of them are on the 360 as well. The 360 also has Halo (which i think is coming out this year) so i would say the 360.
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    Xtrordinary Aug 8, 07
    Well the XBOX 360 has already been out for a year, it's rather given it got more games coming out. The PS3 will have a dry year - shocker! Let's hope for 08.

    And bout the Wii games I would like to see Dewy's Adventure, Fire Emblem, Zaki and Wiki and Legend of Spyro added to the list.

    I luw all those games =>.
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    Evanster Aug 8, 07
    I am going for the 360 on this one.
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    Virtue Aug 8, 07
    Currently I'll have to say the 360 has the best line up of the three. Bioshock looks like an amazing game. And obviously Halo 3 is going to be good. For second, I'll go with the Wii.
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    TurMoiL911 Aug 8, 07
    The Xbox 360 is going to have a good rest of the year.

    Two Worlds, Halo 3, Mass Effect, Ace Combat 6 ...

    Holy shit, I need more money.
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    Subzer0 Aug 8, 07
    Tell me something I don't already know. *Yawn*
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    Synergized Aug 8, 07
    Yeah, the Xbox 360 is going to snatch this year, but I think the Playstation 3 will get it the next year. 2008 looks good for them.
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    neto_360 Aug 8, 07
    I agree that the 360 has the best game lineup, with the Wii as a close second. PS3 has huge titles coming out in the future, but who knows what the 360 and the Wii have in store.
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    JJBDude Aug 9, 07
    Bit annoying that the source that mentions this has to be an Xbox 360 site, however they really are right, Xbox 360 has some amazing games coming. Wii is behind 360 in my opinion with PS3 last.
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    sten mk II Aug 9, 07
    the 360's game line doesn't really appeal to me. GOW I can't stand, and I don't care much about halo.

    I only like about 3 Exclusives.


    Maybe a few others, but I can't remember.
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    tidus04 Aug 16, 07
    This is all a matter of opinion and what games you like yourself, personally Ratchet and Clank future: Tools of Destruction is the best title for me out of all them.

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