Playstation blog put up a new video interview on Youtube with the devs of Uncharted 3. Find out about the new multiplayer features, Treasure drops, social integration with Facebook and more.

By now you’ve probably read the full details of what you’ll get with UNCHARTED 3‘s upcoming multiplayer beta. Now, in our new video interview, Naughty Dog‘s top developers reveal just how deep this rabbit hole goes.
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    Red 9 May 31, 11
    Y'know, I don't hear sh*t anymore about the campaign or anything. All I ever hear is what's new in multiplayer, when the beta's out, and such things.

    I'm fearful that they're outright neglecting the campaign.
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      Deception May 31, 11
      You mean other then the trailers and gameplay videos? Naughty Dog have always had single player as they're main focus, that's not about to change now.
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      Shinobi_razor May 31, 11
      Sony would never hear the end of it from fans if they ended up making the campaign suck and focused too much on multiplayer, so they had better not considering theyre still walking on thin ice.
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    Bale Fire May 31, 11
    I really haven't been paying too much attention to the game at all (trying to avoid spoilers, mostly) so I can't comment on that.

    Everything there they talked about sounds awesome though. Particularly love that they're making new game types using the Lab. Wish more developers would do that.

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