Gamers spent $350 million on Xbox 360 hardware, software, and accessories in June. That was enough to give Microsoft the top selling console for the month.

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    Red 9 Jul 18, 11
    Honestly...who even pays attention to this anymore? I mean, unless you have a share in Microsoft, which most gamers don't, this isn't really all that riveting...
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    Gamesta100 Jul 19, 11
    And in other news. Gamers don't give a shit and no on gives a shit that gamers don't give a shit. Therfore people just don't give a shit
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    ShadowGuard Jul 19, 11
    I dont care about all this stuff because as long as the video game industry is doing well, I am winning. However, I fail to see the point of this article when Sony did not release any numbers and Nintendo is sucking pretty big balls right now in all honesty. Good to see Microsoft still doing well when they have no recent or upcoming big exclusives.
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      Red 9 Jul 19, 11
      I would comment on the repetition of Halos and Fables, but somehow I think we're all quite aware of it...

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