For this year's San Diego Comic Con BioWare went the extra mile to promote upcoming title Mass Effect 3. Artist Harrison Krix was commissioned to create a prop of the N7 Rifle. In just 14 days he created this masterpiece using a mixture of acrylic rod, PVC, styrene and sintra.

Unfortunately for fans of the series, the prop is not available for purchase and BioWare has no current plans for retail sale. Krix's beautiful handiwork will remain a one of a kind for the time being. So if you were dreaming of running around shooting geth all day, you'll just have to wait a little longer.

This is the N7 rifle (which, at the time of this writing, I don't think has even been formally announced yet!) It's an Assault Rifle which takes cues from the weapons included in the collector's edition of Mass Effect 3. Its style mirrors the already-announced N7 pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle and SMG.
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  • 0
    ShadowGuard Jul 27, 11
    That is awesome, but that had to take forever. Did you get paid for that? That would be a nice little job to have.
  • 0
    Shinobi_razor Jul 27, 11
    really want one but definitely cant afford what this model would have to be sold for, considering its the only (known) one in existence and the time it took.
  • 0
    TurMoiL911 Jul 27, 11
    Did anybody read this article thinking that somebody built a functioning rifle that actually fired, or was that just me?
    • 0
      Shinobi_razor Jul 27, 11
      just you. unless the person that made this also secretly figured out mass effect propulsion technology that the guns use.
  • 0
    legendary one Jul 28, 11
    Woot, this is awesome! That gun is totally sweet!
  • 0
    websod Aug 2, 11
    the gun looks freaking awesome however there is no slights or no iron sights
    yea this is really cool.. this is a good way to promote it and i think it should be used more. pass it around to the top retail stores with most orders till its released

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